Tanjia Ferdousi

Chief Advisor

“Dreams keep People alive; build yourself up in the dream”

It is my immense pleasure to welcome the viewers of Set to Success website. Indeed it is an honor to acknowledge the accelerated progress of the institution. We are involved with quality working in sectors as education, art & craft, Home décor and creating different recipes. Our story begun during the tough time of the ongoing pandemic and we are growing step by step by development of technology, innovation & ideas. We remain driven by a pioneering spirit, a commitment of innovation and a focus to the long run.

While sectors evolve and economy changes, we adopt to make our business last. Core of our success has seen our constant pursuant to three fundamental goals:

  1. To strive to be the leader in the field in which we operates.
  2. To uphold strong customer service and satisfaction through quality & commitment.
  3. To make our institution as a place where all employees are eager to work in a friendly environment.

We are committed to create, innovate, and develop relevant business model to suit our variable clients irrespective of their jurisdiction. We will transform and upgrade our business by implementing modern technologies. We will also share opportunities and develop ideas together with our patrons, client & customer who will enjoy our incredible footprints of success which we intend to create and sustain for a longer period.

In conclusion, I extend my thanks, gratitude & pleasure to our well-wishers, clients, customers, business associates and members for their combined effort to build Set to Success as a Brand.

Tanjia Ferdousi


Set to Success

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