Set to Success is the brainchild of a couple of university teachers. While it may seem that we’re inspired by many startups that are popping up left and right, this organization has been unique from the start. Instead of starting a way to gain profit, our main inspiration had been the talent in our own selves from the beginning. We wanted to share it, help you and ourselves through it and make a platform for everyone- not just our youth- everyone to share their own talents and abilities. We’re still making our way through the first steps at building something monumental.


We meet engineers and doctors who are excellent singers, housewives who are better than many tutored artists, and a lot more. Most of these potential remains “extra”- curricular activity forever.

We initiated Set to Success with a hope to pursue these hidden talents of ours, to share our efforts and create a platform for anyone who is interested. “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”- they say, probably even make a profit out of it. Why not?

Our tagline states our belief in quality over quantity, so everything we share and present will be more about the quality. Unlike many organizations that work for a specific group of people, we target everybody. Our gifts and home decors are for everybody, our educational center for students ranging from SSC to university aspirants, and our home management sectors with its recipes and decoration tips, Mehendi packages and gardening ideas are for our mothers and wives who make our houses home.

Vision and Mission

The most important aspect of Set to Success is its multifarious platforms. We put our best in every one of these sectors, presenting our clients with the best of services.

Our mission is to utilise our own abilities and skills to create something lasting, something that will make it possible for everyone to enjoy services within their financial reach. Our educational sector will provide expert consultancies and courses, our art and crafts sector will bring forth products that we produce ourselves with care and much love. Our home

Management sector will have decoration tips, recipes, and much more. We intend to work for people from everywhere- professionals, youth, students and housewives alike.

Set to Success is also an organisation open to all for presenting their own skills. Anyone can approach us with anything they wish to share, and if it meets the excellency we strive to present, you’re welcome to be one of us. Our vision is an organization where you can find anything and everything you want, need and desire.

Why are we special?

There are a lot of startup organisations around you, probably within your reach. So why Set to Success?

Our organisation came into being from the inspiration of a group of people who all come from very different lives and ages. And so, we strive to make this organisation where anyone and everyone can have something for themselves. Whether you’re a student in need of consultancy, a graduate looking for job, a housewife looking for home decor ideas, a teenager wanting to try your hand at a new recipe, or a busy professional in need of a special gift on short notice and within your financial reach- Set to Success is a place for all of you.

Besides, Set to Success is not a business organisation. It is also a platform for anyone wanting to share their skills through us, make a profit, maybe a living out of it. A true multipurpose organisation that promises excellence and delivers it to ALL, that’s what we claim and intend to be.